It offers the management OF information strategy in an agile and simple way, since in addition to meeting the need for Applications as a Service, it will resolve in a transparent way the end user many issues surrounding the start-up and maintenance.

Delivery the automatic software distribution, in this way the client receives the access, maintenance, support and operation during the contracted time, who will exploit their services without worries.

It provides all the tools and services necessary for the management of the Software as a Service; both for the Admin User, Clients or Departmental User, in the case of corporate clients. All this is supported by a Management Back End that will allow managing the life cycle of all elements contracted.

It is oriented towards suppliers and consumers finding the gateway to the world of Innovation and interaction. Where they have the possibility of managing their own services -publicizing or consuming them-, accessing advantages and benefits presented in a simple and intuitive arrangement.

From a functional point of view, the Presentation Layer serves two types of needs. On the one hand allow a dynamic and friendly management for the Admin User and on the other hand, meet all needs of the End User

Each developed component will be an installable functional capsule, so that they can be reused in future instances. Likewise, each component encapsulated and instantiated will be isolated and decoupling the particular data. All the instances will dump data on a repository of the Elastic Search type, in this way the users being able to manage business intelligence of primary type, where on the one hand, to nourish each instance with immediate information and, on the other hand, they will have an historical record of all their activities and events

All registration and authorization operations will be supported by the activity of the Central Authentication System (IAMaaS). Each user will have access to their Private Desktop, they can customize their tastes, manage their Services, execute their Applications, access information repositories, receive the latest news and relate without limits, offering multiple configuration and personalization capabilities

We could summarize the philosophical definition of the Platform saying that it is a Model capable of integrating all market players allowing the management of applications, the comprehensive offer of "things as a service" and its exploitation in business layer