offers the Suite that IT User needs to manage its Technological Services map.  In this way, it enables to IT User can discharge the Model´s weigth for focus on his Business´ Core

PaaS Layer is the "Silent Friend" of the Model that delivers technological services so that Apps can work in harmonious and orchestration way, making everything flow and all software components interoperates.

The main characteristics are:


INSTANCE´s Philosophy: Platform provides  services that assure you a unique administration, with no need to repeat multiple installation and maintenance efforts. This tool allows to manage the SELF SERVICE modality, the administration of App Catalogs so that the end user or departmental user can provided themselves without need of intermediations.

INTEROPERABILITY: Platform allows to interoperate with INDUSTRY STANDARDS... It makes available a Service Bus to integrating "softwares or devices" connectivity protocols ... You will find friendlies ways for you can use everything you know and make you comfortable feel...Platform help you to integrate your apps in a Cloud Computing context ... put in value you know how!

SCALABILITY: Sizing? Environment Management ?? Peaks and Valleys ?? .... It is no longer part of your problems... It allows you to scale all kinds of resources on the fly. And an escalation is so important  as de-escalation! Optimizes the management of resources, making the administration of adjustments as flexible as possible

MONITORING: You have TOTAL CONTROL of all the activities ... The METERING service allows you to parameterize the management of thresholds and the MONITORING service allows you to visualize ON TIME the end-to-end behavior of the whole Platform. Alarms and interactive views at your disposal and the most exhaustive analytical audit for forensic management

SECURITY: Platform offers high security services. It puts at your disposal all that  was within the reach of the Great Corporations only.


Code audit

App versioning

controlled environment

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Perimeter security